LEARN OBS IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginner

The URL that we copied over from stream lab so I’m gonna paste that in here so note that you can also customize the width and height here if you know CSS rules for displaying web content you can add those in here as well but mostly what we just need to do is post in the URL and hit OK so that’s what I’m going to do here and now we have this browser source so it doesn’t show anything by default because it only triggers when something happens on our twitch stream so I’m gonna click here and you can see on tvmelayu

The stream labs page that there are these test buttons so if we click one of these we should be able to see what’s going to occur on this dream when those real events happen before we actually launch it so I’m gonna do test follow here and we can see it launching here test follow goes there I think I have a sound effect associated with that too you can also do test subscription [Music] test donation so on and so forth this is a test donation for dollar then when it comes to the rest of the widgets which you can of course see on the left side of the page here it’s the same idea you click to show the widget URL you add it as a browser source

And that should load up inside of your OBS scene that you’re going to be recording or streaming from so let’s talk about settings in OBS and how you can set things up in order to streams so we’re going to go to the file menu or actually before we go to the file menu let’s create a new profile so a profile is going to be a specific loadout of settings that we have over in the file settings menu that we can use to record or stream whatever we want with OBS so if you want one profile where it records and let’s say 1080p resolution you might have another profile where the courts and 720p resolution or you might have one that does it in 60fps so

Facts, Fiction and Roblox Hack Free Robux and Tix

Facts, Fiction and Roblox Hack Free Robux and Tix

The Lost Secret of Roblox Hack Free Robux and Tix

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roblox hack free robux and tix

Roblox Hack Free Robux and Tix Can Be Fun for Everyone

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BMW 6 Series GT 2019 in-depth review

This is the new BMW 6 Series GT and it’s a bit like a smoothie in the way that it’s a blend of various BMW ingredients so it’s supposed to combine the practicality and low looking capacity. I spent like a 5 Series touring the rear passenger space and luxury of a 7 Series Saloon and a slightly raised ride height for a good view out that you get with something like an x5 now obviously it’s supposedly filled with great ingredients but why is it that being healthy has to taste so bloomin horrible hopefully. this does a better job and isn’t quite so horrible so it starts from 48,000 pounds but through Caro you could save an average of 6 thousand pounds so on now if you click on the pop-up but in the top right hand corner of the screen on the link below the video you can go to kawaii comte is how much you can save on a new car here in the front this 6 GT. is pretty identical to the 5 Series on which it is based but that’s not a bad thing because quality is strong in this car really nice materials fills solidly built if I’m brutal it relaxed a bitter person it’s a bit dull the interior design though it’s easy to use now standard.

You get this widescreen sat-nav system which is a touchscreen you can use it by the swivel which is easier to do while you’re driving and it’s very intuitive a really good infotainment system one of the very best also you get digital dolls well. I say Digital does their part digital the main two dolls are however the functionality isn’t as good as the digital dolls you get also know the Audi a7 or the Mercedes CLS now for more detail. on this car entertainment system click on the pop-out bone in the top right hand corner of the screen on the link below the video for my full in-depth video review of it in terms of other things well equipment levels are very good like I say so you get things like cruise control you get 18-inch alloy wheels you get a rear parking camera. it’s really high definition as well so that’s all good this one is the M Sport so it’s got some extra bits and pieces such as a panoramic glass sunroof for me you also get sport seat so you get a sporty body kit. you also get 19-inch alloy wheels and as you can see not only can you open the blind here you can open the glass roof itself to let a little bit of air and obviously.

This all bumps out the cost this particular car I’ve got here which is the extra thirty ice it’s got four-wheel drive it costs in the same sport trim from fifty eight thousand pounds now I played the details of this car into car whoa iheartcars.net I got an offer back for fifty thousand pounds oh god is it now one thing I need to point out to you is this space here in the front so. this is a good car because you’re raised up and there’s quite a lot of headroom in the front you can actually jack up the seat quite a long way to get a good view over the traffic it’s really good. if you’re on the small side because you can get pretty high without your head touching yet if you’re tall you can get low enough that yeah you’re gonna be able to fit in here and be very very comfortable in terms of other practical features. there’s some storage under here the glovebox is all rolling and look at this the door bins they can hold my big smoothie container that is very impressive what’s more impressive though this space in the back seats so this 6 GT is way better for my passengers than something like an Audi a7 and way way better than a Mercedes CLS look at this loads of headroom loads of knee room. I can stretch out as far as on 1/2 here actually I can also make the seat backs more upright but why do that when you can recline them Plus okay there’s a got a soft pillow here on this particular car which is really lovely then here we’ve got some how do I do how do you operate them.

I wonder they’re a yeah oh now they are come on no that does that yeah I was rubbish at the Rubik’s key but can’t even operate cupholders yeah you got that there and also look some through loading if you want to carry some longer items and still to the backseat passengers and actually you can carry three people in the back of here. okay ish now this middle seat is a bit of a perch but still I’ve got enough Headroom the foot wells are huge so you can carry through in the back at once if you want to and look I’ve got a rear entertainment system here as well and yeah there’s headphones for it and some big door pockets. oh look privacy blind keep the Sun out as well as prying eyes now let’s look at the other practical features the boot of this car which isn’t very big once again bigger than an Audi a7 and a Mercedes CLS is obviously it’s a hatchback so it’s very easy to load items into. this huge boot as you can see there’s no load lip and there’s a scuff plate so you can’t report of a straight out a lot this features well this loca bum I can easily remove it and it fits underneath this false floor which is held up by gas struts that is super posh by the way and then look neatly out of the way other useful.

A Baby Names Girl

A baby names girl Cubby houses nowadays are near the top of the most children?s ?have to have? list, but anything larger than a cardboard box takes planning, and several cubby house might need council support. We give you a help guide to building or investing in a cubby plus some with the highs and lows that one could face for this child-bonding journey.

Breastfeeding also develops a bond between your mother and her baby that nothing these days can replace. There is really no replacement mother’s milk since several people commonly believe there being. Now that you have known the significance of breastfeeding and may have sworn to breastfeed your child, feeding efficiently to the baby to ensure he/she has got the maximum important things about it is imperative. Moreover it really is inexpensive then formula or bottle feeding. To make this process easier nursing pads should be utilised by mothers.
a baby names girl
Well, firstly we could assume that she doesn’t spend too much time pottering around the shops looking for the perfect Christening gift. Similarly, an equerry will likely remind her in the event the next birthday is born as well as a Lady-in-Waiting or a Woman in the Bedchamber will likely be available to recommend the most used Christmas presents to the little darlings. I think we’re safe in assuming that the godchildren don’t come high on that set of forgotten jobs that keeps the rest of us awake at 3 a.m. each day.

You can choose washable or disposable nursing pads based on your needs, suitability and comfort. Washable pads are of course less costly then the disposable ones. You need to wash and clean the washable breast pads after every feed regularly. Using washable or reusable pads needs to be stopped the moment it will become damp from continuous washing. It is not preferable to use pads with plastic lining as it prevents airflow. The washable breast pads needs to be 100% made of cotton to avoid virtually any breast infection.

WarrantiesThe BOB Revolution strollers feature a one year warranty on the small parts and also the fabric and a five year warranty around the frame. It is recommended that you don’t begin to use it to your child until they are at least two months old which enable it to hold their head up. However, it has been known that one could put a younger child within as long as you have proper neck support for them. It can hold children up to 100 pounds combined relating to the two. You don’t have to use it for twins which enable it to apply it two children who will be different ages provided that the extra weight restrictions are followed. Owning a BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller can be quite a lovely addition for your baby gear.


Jewelry Repair Services

Jewelry Repair – Purified jewelry is always an amazing gift to offer on any special occasion. It is valuable to see the sparkle in your lover’s eyes when they play such a gift. However, many people forget that, like all expensive items, jewelry must be maintained for years. Even jewelry made with precision can become dirty, scratched, or break over time. That’s when you need to use a jewelry repair service. Professional jewelers who offer full service can evaluate your part and recommend appropriate repairs. However, repair services are not just extreme problems. Bringing your jewelry to repair services is very similar to bringing your car to an oil exchange. We all know that this must happen from time to time, but we continue to delay until the oil becomes very dirty. When you begin to see the clarity of your engagement ring diminishing, now is the time to stop.

Jewelry Repair


Each jewelry has its own cleaning requirements and schedules. This time really depends on how often the piece is used, on the metal and gemstones that make up the design, and on how the owner keeps the jewelry. If you wear your pearl necklace or gold bracelets for woman only once a year on Christmas or New Year’s Eve and keep yourself in a jewelry bag for the rest of this year, you don’t need annual cleaning. In the case of pearls, depending on the level of wear, it is advisable to clean and reposition every 2 to 5 years, because silk thread can deteriorate over time. Diamond jewelry that is used every day must be cleaned at least twice a year. All unused jewelry must be stored separately. This is the best way to protect your collection from damage. Other parts can scratch metals that are softer and cause failure of repair services that can be avoided.

Cleaning and maintaining your jewelry must be submitted to a professional jewelry shop that you trust. When receiving an item, it is always recommended to return your jewelry certification certificate, such as a diamond file or certificate. This will give the technician repairs all the details of the room where he works. Many workshops have become accustomed to taking pictures of each item because they seem to protect their customers and stores from harming jewelry. During routine cleaning, most jewelry repair services evaluate your parts from damage. This is part of keeping quality gems. Each salting repair service must notify the customer if they find scratches, loose fittings, or claws that are folded into pieces. Not only is it an extraordinary cleansing to restore the finish and luster of your jewelry, but also another line of defense against all the little things that can go wrong. The time to realize that you have loose ties is in a jewelry store, not in the garden when the diamond falls somewhere.

How To Setup Your Live Stream

The upper left-hand corner that says download the beta for stream labs OBS so again once you’re logged in it’s gonna look like this but when you are not logged in and you were at the stream labs homepage you’ll see a big green button here so go ahead and click that green button i’ve actually deleted it off my machine so I can show you guys exactly what we need to do to get this guy up and running so once you’ve downloaded the beta here and it has basically downloaded all of the pertinent files click on that guy there that the Exe file like you normally would go ahead and allow your computer to do that you’re gonna see something that looks like this here go ahead and click I agree to choose where you want to install TV1 Malaysia

The software on your PC and then once you’re ready it may go through about a two to five minute installation process depending on the I guess you would say the speed of your PC once you’re done go ahead and click finish and then leave the checkbox that says run stream labs OBS and this will actually create a little icon for you on your PC to just basically click little shortcut and you should be good to go now alright and once you’ve downloaded and opened the Stream labs OBS file here in the application is running you’re gonna see something that says import from OBS or start fresh now you could import all of your different settings and themes from OBS if you’re using the native version of OBS I recommend clicking this blue button here

If you’re following along with me that’s what we’re going to be doing it gives you a clean and fresh start so once we do that you’re going to see all of the beautiful things here that stream laps OBS provides to you now with this version you’re going to see that it looks a lot better than just the native version of OBS now obviously OBS is free I’m so thankful for what they’re doing allowing stream labs to basically put a new a fresh coat of paint per se on the application but as you can see here we have our editor our themes our dashboard and then our live panel here so obviously just like with OBS we have our scenes and sources which is how all of the magic is going to happen so the first thing that we need to do is create our first scene which is already done for us there and if you want to create a new scene click the addition symbol here and basically a scene is a group of sources that put together everything that people are going to see when they watch your stream so

Best Ideas On How To Plan A Wedding

How To Plan A Wedding – Good job to get involved! You must be very excited! The thought of enjoying your important day that you dreamed of long ago must keep you awake at night with enthusiasm. The fact is you have plenty of time to get there and you need lots of things to do. Here, we see summary points on how to plan a wedding calendar and how to stay calm during preparation.

How to Plan a Wedding

Now, you may not have much time to plan your wedding or you can have all the time in the world. It is usually more profitable to start organizing your wedding ceremony at least one year before an important day. That means you can have the place of your dreams, your ideal clothes and not have to worry about finishing things at the last minute. The main thing to do to organize your marriage is to choose your theme. Consider what you are looking for at your wedding. If it is truly a conventional feel, the church and the location of exclusive reception are often requirements. If it’s really different, take the time to find the right place for you. Read also how to plan wedding table decorations

When determining your location, you may have to write a list of requirements that you have for the location of your meeting. Think about how many people you might have to go to and where you want the ceremony to take place. Also determine whether you plan to return the restaurant to your room or if you prefer someone from abroad to do so. Think carefully about the entertainment you will have after the wedding ceremony and make sure that your room has enough room for it. Finally, make sure it’s not too far away! The last thing you want is that nothing appears because the place is too far to visit.

After you select the location of the meeting, you will start taking care of the others. Traditionally send “Agenda” cards to all your guests, making sure they are not busy on the day of your big event. About six months before your wedding ceremony, you can send an invitation to let your guests know about the place, the dress code, and the details of the wedding gift. This is the right time to ask people what you want or direct them in the right direction with a gift list.

When this is complete, you can begin to see all the other aspects of your wedding ceremony. You will need a dress (the best part of getting ready for a wedding!), Dresses for bridesmaids and costumes for the groom and waiter. You need to consider decorating your room, catering, flowers, cakes, and your animation. You can find many useful resources and Internet books with a list of tasks that you can follow to make sure you don’t forget anything. It might also be wise to provide some insight into the various roles played by weddings. This will allow you to delegate and not worry about having too much planning. Read also how to plan wedding decoration