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Bali Weather – Managing Your Bali Holiday Time Is Very Important

Timing is always important when booking a holiday and Bali Tour is no different. With a little knowledge of weather in Bali you can consider the needs and desires of all those who travel you to the time of your visit for an optimal experience.

Weather Trends in Bali

One of the biggest attractions in Bali is the weather. You can find sunshine and warm sand to immerse your toes in most of the year and days seem to stretch forever. There are not many other places where you can step out to the beach at 6:30 in the morning and feel the sun at the back of your neck and look up at the bright and bright sky.

This is a paradise that most people think of when they dream of vacationing in Bali, but there is another part of the Bali weather trend that some people don’t think of: the rainy season. Starting in May and late October, the monsoon winds hit, producing a lot of strong winds. From October to May there are monsoon rains that bring heavy rain.

What you might notice here is that there may be a rainy season at almost any time of the year. The question is whether there will be heavy rain or strong winds when you book a holiday in Bali.

This may sound scary, but you can still have fun in Bali even if you are stuck in one or two rainy seasons. Even during the worst rainy season you will have at least the sun’s peak to go out on the beach or visit the lighthouse and all other tourist attractions.

It should also be noted that the temperature is a bit cooler when you venture into the mountains and cliffs in Bali, especially after 7:00 pm when the sun sets.

Surf in Bali

Surfing is one of the most popular ways to spend time in Bali. Professional surfers visit between May and October to reach some of the most challenging waves found anywhere in the world. Dry monsoon winds create amazing waves that will be challenging and might scare experienced surfers.

Of course, there are quieter days during the dry months where beginners can still catch a reasonable wave that doesn’t make them afraid of their lives. There are some beaches that are known to have killer waves and others where the waves are known as tamer. You have to do some research before ordering your Bali vacation so you go to the best beach for your level of expertise.

Of course, just sitting on the beach and watching local pros catch this amazing monsoon wave can be a sensation for non-surfers and surfers alike.

Relax in Bali

If your holiday in Bali is not intended to capture the most thrilling waves, you can join a crowd of other tourists visiting from May to July each year. This is the hottest tourist season in Bali, so you have to fight people unless you go to a more remote or exclusive area that is not open to public tourists.

If you want to avoid the crowds, go to Bali for the rest of the year. This can be very pleasant even during the rainy season because you will see a different side to the weather in Bali.

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