BMW 6 Series GT 2019 in-depth review

This is the new BMW 6 Series GT and it’s a bit like a smoothie in the way that it’s a blend of various BMW ingredients so it’s supposed to combine the practicality and low looking capacity. I spent like a 5 Series touring the rear passenger space and luxury of a 7 Series Saloon and a slightly raised ride height for a good view out that you get with something like an x5 now obviously it’s supposedly filled with great ingredients but why is it that being healthy has to taste so bloomin horrible hopefully. this does a better job and isn’t quite so horrible so it starts from 48,000 pounds but through Caro you could save an average of 6 thousand pounds so on now if you click on the pop-up but in the top right hand corner of the screen on the link below the video you can go to kawaii comte is how much you can save on a new car here in the front this 6 GT. is pretty identical to the 5 Series on which it is based but that’s not a bad thing because quality is strong in this car really nice materials fills solidly built if I’m brutal it relaxed a bitter person it’s a bit dull the interior design though it’s easy to use now standard.

You get this widescreen sat-nav system which is a touchscreen you can use it by the swivel which is easier to do while you’re driving and it’s very intuitive a really good infotainment system one of the very best also you get digital dolls well. I say Digital does their part digital the main two dolls are however the functionality isn’t as good as the digital dolls you get also know the Audi a7 or the Mercedes CLS now for more detail. on this car entertainment system click on the pop-out bone in the top right hand corner of the screen on the link below the video for my full in-depth video review of it in terms of other things well equipment levels are very good like I say so you get things like cruise control you get 18-inch alloy wheels you get a rear parking camera. it’s really high definition as well so that’s all good this one is the M Sport so it’s got some extra bits and pieces such as a panoramic glass sunroof for me you also get sport seat so you get a sporty body kit. you also get 19-inch alloy wheels and as you can see not only can you open the blind here you can open the glass roof itself to let a little bit of air and obviously.

This all bumps out the cost this particular car I’ve got here which is the extra thirty ice it’s got four-wheel drive it costs in the same sport trim from fifty eight thousand pounds now I played the details of this car into car whoa I got an offer back for fifty thousand pounds oh god is it now one thing I need to point out to you is this space here in the front so. this is a good car because you’re raised up and there’s quite a lot of headroom in the front you can actually jack up the seat quite a long way to get a good view over the traffic it’s really good. if you’re on the small side because you can get pretty high without your head touching yet if you’re tall you can get low enough that yeah you’re gonna be able to fit in here and be very very comfortable in terms of other practical features. there’s some storage under here the glovebox is all rolling and look at this the door bins they can hold my big smoothie container that is very impressive what’s more impressive though this space in the back seats so this 6 GT is way better for my passengers than something like an Audi a7 and way way better than a Mercedes CLS look at this loads of headroom loads of knee room. I can stretch out as far as on 1/2 here actually I can also make the seat backs more upright but why do that when you can recline them Plus okay there’s a got a soft pillow here on this particular car which is really lovely then here we’ve got some how do I do how do you operate them.

I wonder they’re a yeah oh now they are come on no that does that yeah I was rubbish at the Rubik’s key but can’t even operate cupholders yeah you got that there and also look some through loading if you want to carry some longer items and still to the backseat passengers and actually you can carry three people in the back of here. okay ish now this middle seat is a bit of a perch but still I’ve got enough Headroom the foot wells are huge so you can carry through in the back at once if you want to and look I’ve got a rear entertainment system here as well and yeah there’s headphones for it and some big door pockets. oh look privacy blind keep the Sun out as well as prying eyes now let’s look at the other practical features the boot of this car which isn’t very big once again bigger than an Audi a7 and a Mercedes CLS is obviously it’s a hatchback so it’s very easy to load items into. this huge boot as you can see there’s no load lip and there’s a scuff plate so you can’t report of a straight out a lot this features well this loca bum I can easily remove it and it fits underneath this false floor which is held up by gas struts that is super posh by the way and then look neatly out of the way other useful.