How To Setup Your Live Stream

The upper left-hand corner that says download the beta for stream labs OBS so again once you’re logged in it’s gonna look like this but when you are not logged in and you were at the stream labs homepage you’ll see a big green button here so go ahead and click that green button i’ve actually deleted it off my machine so I can show you guys exactly what we need to do to get this guy up and running so once you’ve downloaded the beta here and it has basically downloaded all of the pertinent files click on that guy there that the Exe file like you normally would go ahead and allow your computer to do that you’re gonna see something that looks like this here go ahead and click I agree to choose where you want to install TV1 Malaysia

The software on your PC and then once you’re ready it may go through about a two to five minute installation process depending on the I guess you would say the speed of your PC once you’re done go ahead and click finish and then leave the checkbox that says run stream labs OBS and this will actually create a little icon for you on your PC to just basically click little shortcut and you should be good to go now alright and once you’ve downloaded and opened the Stream labs OBS file here in the application is running you’re gonna see something that says import from OBS or start fresh now you could import all of your different settings and themes from OBS if you’re using the native version of OBS I recommend clicking this blue button here

If you’re following along with me that’s what we’re going to be doing it gives you a clean and fresh start so once we do that you’re going to see all of the beautiful things here that stream laps OBS provides to you now with this version you’re going to see that it looks a lot better than just the native version of OBS now obviously OBS is free I’m so thankful for what they’re doing allowing stream labs to basically put a new a fresh coat of paint per se on the application but as you can see here we have our editor our themes our dashboard and then our live panel here so obviously just like with OBS we have our scenes and sources which is how all of the magic is going to happen so the first thing that we need to do is create our first scene which is already done for us there and if you want to create a new scene click the addition symbol here and basically a scene is a group of sources that put together everything that people are going to see when they watch your stream so