Differences in Academic IELTS and General IELTS

One of the objectives of the IELTS test is to provide a measure of one’s English language skills. In this IELTS test uses a simulation of four language skills that must be mastered if you want to communicate well using English.

But indeed in everyday life in every field or environment, of course, use different types of languages. For example the type of language you use in the business world will be different from the type of language you use in the academic world. As with the language you use everyday, it will certainly be different from the language used in the business and academic world.

Academic IELTS and General IELTS
Each field or environment certainly has rules for different grammar and vocabulary. Similar to the IELTS test. Not a few people are confused when asked to do an IELTS test. They are confused about taking academic IELTS modules or general IELTS training. Before you take the IELTS test, it would be better if you know which type of test you will follow whether academicIELTS or general IELTS. This will help you to focus more on learning and practice questions.

Different Academic IELTS with General IELTS
So that you can focus more on learning, then you must first know the differences in academic ISELTS and general IELTS. Such as the following:

• Aim
For IELTS academic purposes for those who wish to continue their studies to countries that use English for the language of instruction when doing learning. Whether continuing with S1, S2, S3, or participating in other learning activities you are required to take this test as one of the conditions. While this general IELTS is used to measure your ability to learn English in everyday life. General IELTS is suitable for those of you who want to work abroad using English.

• Test
For academicIELTS and general IELTS tests the difference lies in test reading and writing. For listening and speaking, there are not many differences. To test reading on academic IELTS the text given will be longer and also more complex, it is more difficult to read the questions as well. But when compared with general IELTS which is shorter and easier to understand both the reading and the test questions. In the IELTS academic writing section, you must be able to read the graph and the ability and analyze the graph will be tested here. while writing in general IELTS is only asked to describe or convey the theme given. In general, themes or topics given are not far from everyday life.

If you already know the difference from academic IELTS and general IELTS, then you can choose which test you will follow.