FIFA 16: Gameplay tips for beginners – this is the new FIFA plays

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FIFA 16 plays by no means the same as its predecessor. EA has bolted to the game balance and integrates a number of new gameplay features. We show you how to “No Touch Dribbling” or “Passing With Purpose” successfully uses and give you tips on how you play FIFA 16 as well as possible.

EA has at a preview event for FIFA 16 added that the attackers in the predecessor too much advantage had. Therefore, the developer EA Sports has adapted the game balance and, for example, strengthened the defense. The defensive acts somewhat intelligent, is to rooms and also attackers runs faster afterwards than they were in FIFA 15th

So not try to you dribble with your striker through the entire enemy team. Pay attention rather to a good build-up play. Be not too greedy with flat, long passes in the tip. The defenders in FIFA 16 catch balls off more easily than before.

FIFA 16: Tips and Tricks Overview

FIFA 16: press shot button a little longer

In FIFA 16 you need for powerful shots slightly longer press the shot button as yet 15 at FIFA, it usually does not pay to tap the button briefly. Often just one Kullerball do you get.

In addition, you can use it like 16 cutaway shots in FIFA. They are apparently again stronger than its predecessor. For a curled shot you think the upper right shoulder button and pressing the shot button and a direction.

FIFA 16: “Passing With Purpose” is the death Pass

Will you still play fast dangerous passes, their uses in FIFA 16 the new “Passing with Purpose”. This pass is a hard ball to been shot one of your offensive forces.

For this effective passport you hold the upper right shoulder button (R1 / RB) and also presses the pass-key or the key for a pass into the path. You can “Passing With Purpose” try even from a distance.

FIFA 16: No Touch Dribbling

In the duels you can you gain with “No Touch Dribbling” Advantages of FIFA 16th The basic principle involves deception without touching the ball. Barcelona star Lionel explains the measurement in a video.

To 16 “No Touch Dribbling” implement in FIFA, you say that initially pushed the upper left shoulder button. To do this you then presses on the left stick of the controller in one direction. The player then makes about Ant√§uschungen with the upper body. After that you can make in FIFA 16 new tricks or quick bursts of speed in a different direction in order to trick the enemy. However, it is getting used to at the beginning, and not everyone likes opponents fall for it.

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8 Ball Pool Game Review – Miniclip

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Miniclip is a reputed publisher for his mini-games at once entertaining and addictive. Here’s a test today of a game that deserves its rating of 4.5 stars on AppStore. Here are 8 Ball Pool (Game, iPhone and iPad 4.5 stars – 2352 votes, VO, 49.5 MB, Game Center, App Store Link,

Principle of the game:

Like all pool games, there are several modes. 1 against 1 tournament and drive offline (the mini-games mode is just to win prizes in charge) We have a white ball and a stick, pulling it on numbered colored balls so they all fit into the holes at the ends. 1 against 1: as the title indicates, 2 people compete on a plateau where there are 2 games balls. A set of solid balls and a set of stripes. It sums up from 25 to 2.5 million chips by winning the doubles. The rules vary in relation to the bet. The tournament is a way of several 1 against 1 with removal if you lose.

Production :

Simple graphics but more than adequate for a billiard game. There is no latency even with a bad connection, therefore no difference between the players because of this defect. The in-app purchases are very present even if they are not at all required to advance in the game but purely aesthetic (buy new sticks of different shapes and colors with slight performance improvements) or for prizes (buy tokens / tickets). It can later buy with our hard earned tokens of new tails. Prices rise quickly …


The game is very well organized, a tutorial teaches us to play in the first part and help is available for our progress in the game. The sensitivity can be adjusted so that our accuracy is increased. A line indicates the direction of the trajectory of our ball. Indications during games are easy to understand

Conclusion :

I found this super addictive game is really easy to go. The parties are in seconds and strategic blows multiply over time. It will make precision shots. It deserves its 4.5 stars on AppStore.

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Find tips, tricks, cheats and Gems: Clash of Clans

The popular game Clash of Clans captivates players with its exciting mix of strategy, structure simulation and multiplayer battles in real time. We show you today helpful tips and tricks for the defense, elixir extraction and construction strategy, with which you can achieve faster game achievements. Immediately you will find new tips on how you come to even more Clash-of-clan-Jewels. The instructions can be found at the achievement “Let the beasts go”.¬†

Clash of clans jewels: So you get it

  • With the premium currency, the Clash-of-clan-jewels, you can quickly expand your building and achieve higher level in Clash of Clans. Here the newest tips on how you come to more Clash-of-clan-Jewels:
  • To get quickly to a lot of Clash-of-clan-Jewels and experience points, you should complete as many achievements.
  • The easiest way to get the achievement “Big Box”. Here you have to improve in the first stage only the gold stock on Level. 2 Thus you get two Clash-of-clan-Jewels.
  • If you improve the gold stock on Level 5, you are rewarded with five Clash-of-clan-Jewels.
  • If you improve the gold stock on level 10, you gain five Clash-of-clan-diamonds.

Clash-of-clan-Jewels: achievement Bigger and better

  • Thus you will gain five Clash-of-clan-jewels, you have the town hall to improve level. 3
  • If the City Council reached Level 5, you get ten Clash-of-clans jewels donated.
  • A reward of ten Clash-of-clans jewels you will receive at the town hall level. 8

Clash-of-clan-Jewels: achievement grabs the goblins!

  • To get five Clash-of-clan-jewels, you must at achievement “grabs the goblins!” Snatch 5 star on the campaign map.
  • To reap ten Clash-of-clan-jewels, 50 stars have to be won on the campaign map.

Clash-of-clan-Jewels: achievement Pretty and tidy

  • To get five Clash-of-clan-jewels, you must at achievement “neat and orderly” 5 obstacles (trees, rocks or bushes) remove.
  • To unlock ten Clash-of-clan-jewels, must be cleared away at achievement “neat and orderly” 50 obstacles (trees, rocks or bushes).
  • To ensure that your 20-Clash of clans diamonds receive the achievement “neat and orderly”, 500 obstacles (trees, rocks or bushes) must be removed.

Clash-of-clan-Gems: achievement: Let the beasts los

  • Who wants einheimsen five Clash-of-clan-jewels, must at achievement “Let the beasts los” unlock archers in the barracks.
  • To unlock ten Clash-of-clan-jewels, need your rams in the barracks unlock.
  • It applies to 20 Clash-of-clan-Dragon Jewels in the barracks unlock.

Clash-of-clan-Gems: More tips to come in jewels

clash of clans tricks

  • Take at the start with all the tasks, which you can get. Here is almost thrown with jewels around.
  • Come with a good possible communities. The best are in fact rewarded with many thousands Jewels, which are then divided among the communities participants.
  • Jewels you will find – as already mentioned – if your mushrooms, trees and stones away.
  • Collect as many trophies as possible. These are available if your einnehmt other villages and fortresses. For 1250, there are 450 trophies Jewels.

Clash of Clans: tips and tricks on the goblins

  • So that you can plunder undisturbed with the Clash-of-clans unit Kobold, you should first turn off mortars and mage towers, because they can be very dangerous to the Kobold in Clash of Clans.
  • Since the Kobold is one of the fastest units in Clash of Clans, it makes sense, with him Rush attacks carried out.

Clash of Clans: Tips and tricks for magicians

  • The combat unit magician in Clash of Clans is ideal to attack opponents who are behind a wall.
  • As the archers keep them out a few direct hits, provides you therefore strong melee units to the side.
  • Only Sends before your melee units that distract the opponent and then take the enemy with the magician under attack.

Clash of Clans: Tips and tricks for archers

  • The archer should move more in small groups, because it is very vulnerable to weapons with splash damage.
  • As the archer can only do little against melee, you should set aside his or barbarian giant.
  • Archers are well suited to destroy a village.

Clash of Clans: Tips and tricks for the Barbarians

  • The Barbarian is a good combat unit with which you can cause a lot of damage through proper use. The Barbarian is fast, can Attack and Receive much. One should a group barbarians but never send out alone, but they always set aside Ranged / fighter against air units.
  • Barbarians are a cheap alternative to giants, moreover, they can also recruit faster.
  • Since barbarians always attack the next target, you should at first only a barbarian send out to see what he is attacking. Is then from your battle tactics and sends optionally other barbarians going.
  • Watch out for giant bombs because they can already defeat from level 1 Barbarian.

Clash of Clans: Strategies to units

  • Sets guns mainly used in order to tear down enemy walls. This task perfectly manage. Although you can also be used against enemy units, but since they do nothing against air units, they are often an easy target.
  • Since the mage tower can cause an ordinary surface damage and shoot in all directions, you should him in your defense in addition provide an important building – for example, near the town hall and other essential resources.
  • Thus the power of Inferno Tower comes into its own, and to protect him from harm, a Tesla Tower in attacks should stand by him.
  • Distributes the air defense within your fortress, so not all towers are destroyed in an attack. If the air defense some combat units to the side, as only they can accomplish something against flying targets.

Clash of Clans: assistance for newcomers

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  • There are a few very simple things that you should consider your case Clash of Clans to gamble successfully and effectively as possible. Here is a checklist:
  • Jewels, the premium currency in Clash of Clans, you gain the fastest, if you master the tasks that are provided to you. The level will help the further course also. Alternatively find your jewels when you walk in your village trees, fungi and stones. For this, however, it needs a little luck.
  • Saves the jewels (even if these are abundant in the beginning) for later. Level up is to start quite simply and without premium currency. Later you will need them.
  • Build the houses in your village together pretty close. If you want to later draw walls, there will be a little cheaper.
  • Builds the same from the beginning gold and elixir of stock. You need the storage space for the won booty. Everything does not fit goes, otherwise lost.
  • Sent at the beginning is not always full troops to the opponents. All fighters who survive still not come back. Even if you win.
  • Builds the City Council to protect the village center and develop it further at times. To unlock your other defenses and buildings.
  • To join a clan you must first remove the Clan Castle. However, this will cost 40,000 coins. In the single-player campaigns, however, you get the money together pretty soon.

The choice of opponent

  • Over time, you will no longer attack the goblins, but you also pounce on other players to gain access to resources and trophies. But according to which criteria the opponents should be selected? Inform yourself in advance about the following:
  • How is the enemy equipped? This recognizes your very well to the stage of completion of the wall, his defenses and upgrade status of the buildings. Seek out a vulnerability in the fort to attack.
  • If the opponent has enough resources? So: If an attack is also worth?
  • It is the enemy of a clan? If so, you should keep away from the clan castle you. Plays of the players in an active clan, otherwise he might request an incalculable gain.


Now get your free Elixir

  • Are you sure that your army camps are full.
  • You must be nearing completion of a laboratory study, for example, the wall breakers on Level 4. Ideally, the length of time until the upgrade for about two minutes.
  • Then you produced in your barracks so many rams as possible, because these costs after upgrading significantly more elixir.
  • Is the production finished, you are already with your laboratory research in Level 5 and the rams can profitably sell.

coc gems and gold

To protect your elixir overnight

  • Are you sure that your army camps are full.
  • Go to the barracks and builds as so many rams as possible.
  • But since your army camp is full, the production is put in the queue, the elixir he can already paid.
  • Consequently, it can not be taken away unless you until the production be succeeded.
  • For attackers so less elixir appears that they can get.

Tips to attack

  • Build from the army camp in order to create more troops can.
  • Does not rely on mass, but also improves your troops to strong units.

Defense strategies

  • Clash of Clans lives not only of attacks. Who wants to play effectively, itself should also to the defense of the own terrain worry. Here are a few strategies in short form:
  • Closes Euerdorf not a with a single large wall. Even if it looks safe once, it does not help you. The enemy can attack certain points and so fast break a place, as you would like.
  • Works with multiple walls: Build the most important buildings in the center, protecting it with a wall, then built defenses and once again draws a small wall around it. So must the enemy take two hurdles and his squad can at the first attempt to break through ever be reduced.
  • Warning: The strategy does not work so well when the opponent has already battering rams.
  • Learn from your attacks: villages that you can easily conquer, in the building structure have significant gaps.
  • Build your buildings in the corners. The attacker has a maximum of three minutes to attack. Buildings that lie in the corners, it can no longer be reached by some bad luck and plunder.

defence clan base